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The butterfly and the human soul
Spiritual-scientific research

The cosmic-earthly path of the Butterfly - resume - part I

by Dorina Vasileva

In the introduction the position of contemporary science is shown on the question about the human soul – many psychological streams and approaches, with structured concept systems and ordered ideas, but the human soul is left untouched, unfelt, misunderstood in its true depth and cosmicity… The Human soul is gently covered by a great astral-cosmic veil, which lives in our beings, in the whole of humanity. Humankind is destined to lift that veil.

The deep reasons for this research are rooted in an impulse that was born unexpectedly in the author to paint on silk in an innovatory way. It developed for several years through which the author was occupied with it on her own and in the same time she had the full support of the head of the anthroposophic social-therapeutic community in Wuppertal, Germany – Andrea Kron Petrovich. She organized a three week workshop for mentally ill people.
In the consequent parts of the research the being of the butterfly is analyzed from different standpoints on the basis of the Anthroposophic ideas - its evolutionary past, present and future.

In the first chapter the butterfly and that which it gives to the humankind – the silk – are seen through many Chinese and Japanese legends. It is always connected with the feminine – the soul, with the genuine, refined and gracious beauty of the virgin or that of the matured woman / different stages of inner maturity! /, with the curiosity and the care for mother – nature, with the inner knowledge and illumination, with the discovery combined with creativity and beauty, with the inner connection with the Spirit, which weaves in our beings, bestowing us with insights. Based on the words of R. Steiner the ancient people of the East are direct heirs of the ancient atlantian worldview. The Asian nations are the living atlantian memory. In the successive post-atlantina epochs man loses the atlantian instinctive clairvoyance and its connection with the Spiritual world embodied in the physical matter.

Next, two Bulgarian spring – summer customs for rain are discussed – “Peperuna” and “German”. They are about the ritual experience of the cyclic recurrence of life in nature, in which we have all strongholds of life – life, death in the form of a metamorphosis and the birth of the nature for new life. The transformation is the main topic in the two customs. In the Bulgarian folklore the symbols of the butterfly, as a symbol of the metamorphosis, has also a special place.
In the development of the human civilization the silk butterflies, which are cultivated in ancient China, are converted to slaves of humanity. From the egg from which they hatch, transformed in larva and then into a cocoon into witch the pupa ripens for its future metamorphosis. That is how silk is born.

R. Steiner examines the evolutionary path of the butterfly and gives it a special place. He presents the flickering world of the insects and its great variety as a part that has been woven into the whole pre-earthly evolutionary development – in particular from the Ancient Saturn to the Ancient Sun to the Ancient Moon and the present Earth. The Ancient Saturn contains in itself everything that follows after it – everything that comes after Ancient Saturn - present and future- has to be views as a living continuation of it. Of course that applies not only for the insects, but they are bestowed the role of the living cosmic memory as a representatives of the present animal kingdom of Earth.

In the next part of the research follows an explanation of a quote from Steiner about the connection of the ancient sun cults, that we find embodied in the ancient druidic cromlechs, with the cosmic process woven in the metamorphosis of the butterfly.

In September 1923 Rudolf Steiner reads a series of lectures after a seminar in England – Panmenvar – in which he talks about the megalithic culture of the ancient druids near Ilky. The ancient initiates of the druidic culture / they are part of the Northern stream of initiates, that leave Atlantis and organize the Nordic sun mysteries/ build their own ritual circular holy places from stone, and observed through them how in the course of time the Sun forces connect with the Moon forces. In Bulgaria such ritual places belonging to the ancient Thracians are discovered as well. According to ancient sources, quoted in the research, Zalmoxis a slave of Pythagoras from a Thracian descend, is believed to be a teacher of the druids. And so if we follow the facts revealed by Steiner we can assume that Zalmoxis has carried over the characteristic believes of the southern stream, which came from Ancient Atlantis into the Northern one. Our Thracian forefathers “gripped” the power of the Sun in their rituals just as the solar-light dance of the butterfly being in itself and were spiritually and soul clairvoyant for the process of the spiritual-soul metamorphosis, that they transmitted from the macrocosm in the microcosm of their existence. The circular shape is sacred for the Bulgarian dance. It contains the meaning of wholeness of matter and spirit into which the community weavesits whole vibration in the rhythm and the light of the dance, as it is in the silkworm’s cocoon.

After that follows an examination of the place of the butterfly being in the Creation and its connections with it, which is lead and inspired by the high beings – the Holy trinity, who has evolved in past eons to the degree to be able to create a new solar system, and its connections with it. The germ of the human physical body has been laid in the form of a fire-warmth sphere in the times of Old Saturn. Imaginatively there has been laid the form of the cosmic head… Gradually the cosmic human unfolds from above extending itself to the Old Sun where the etheric air-light membrane of the fire-warmth physical seed develops, then to the old Moon – watery fluid element gives the astral membrane of the Sun – Saturn human, and to the Earth where in the past and present epoch of its development, the cosmic man takes in, narrows his upper part which he drew out from the Spiritual world in the expense of grounding his lower part. The connection gradually breaks, a hardening on all levels takes place, so that the human being may develop his individuality, his spiritual-cosmic I. And so the human being “hatches” from his evolutionary cosmic cocoon! The human being “weaves” together with the Spiritual Hierarchies in the Cosmic womb, its past, present and future.

The human embryo in its nine month development in the womb of the mother repeats in a concise version that human cosmic progress that begins from above and goes downwards. Unique pictures of the swede Lennart Nilsson from the depths of Creation are shown – the process of formation of the human embryo and its growth in the motherly womb like a microcosmic metamorphosis – a repetition of the cosmic human metamorphosis, compared with pictures of the cosmos from the Hubble telescope.

In the consequent part an interesting anatomic moment in the human body is examined - if the human spine (where the marrow is found as a continuation of the brain) is sliced transversely and looked from above, we can see an anatomic imprint of an image of a butterfly. That speaks for the gradual thickening and rigidifying of the human physical body, so that through influences from a spiritual nature, physical equivalents are formed of that human soul life, which has been constantly connected with the Sun God / the sun beings, before the separation of the Sun from the pair of the Sun-Moon body/. The human being collects and gradually concentrates itself on the surface of the Earth. That is also the moment when the I enters the human being in parallel with his condensation. The Light-air I through the lunar reflected sunlight pierces the condensing human nature.

The human being has the physiological basis of his memory through his nerve-sense system, that has its anatomic main part in the head and in the brain and develops through nerve-sense strings, that originate in the main brain, pass through the spinal cord and reach each end point of our physical body.

The light ether, that has been a constant part of the human being gradually draws inside, shrinks and reaches the pineal gland which is a part of the human cerebrum.

The development of the light-air being of the butterfly goes a parallel way that is reflected in the development of the human being.

Next follows the part, where a special attention is paid to Goethe and the goetheanistic approach, as an approach of the future – as a basis of the whole anthroposophic worldview. The meaning of life and the synthesis of the human and the butterfly are examined in connection to Goethes ideas about the prototypes. This connection has its roots far deep in the evolutionary spiritual development of the Solar system. Here are given examples from Rudolf Steiner, also some hints from the author and references to some researches in the field of the occult geography of an author with a nickname Capricorn.
The following part looks at the butterfly and its metamorphosis as a part of the Cosmic Logos and the evolution of the human being, behind which weave the relationships Father – Son - Holy Spirit in the cosmic evolution. The butterfly metamorphosis is a fact in the human soul as well. It is connected with the memories which give men a firm basis for their earthly existence, their unifying point where the earthly past, present and future come together. This unifying point turns into a bearer of the Cosmic memory as well – The Logos of Creation. A unique photos are presented from the kingdom of the butterflies that show painted letters and digits on the wings of some butterflies.

In the part “The butterfly, the light and the human Ego” the origin of the four main substance of Creation is examined – fire, air, water and earth element and the moment in the cosmic evolution when fire gave birth to Light and Darkness as a duality. The light spreads in front of us as an outer light phenomenon and in the same moment in the evolutionary development of humanity it gradually acquires the meaning of an inner soul light, sodden with the love of the Spiritual Hierarchies and spiritualizing the human soul. A great responsibility lies before the humankind – what will be given back to the Divine Spiritual Hierarchies in the course of the evolutionary spiritualization of the consciousness soul – the Light or the Darkness! In the course of the whole evolution the butterfly and its metamorphosis occupy a main place, because the butterfly is a being connected wholly with the light-air ether from the beginning of Creation and with the Cosmic Logos, behind who stand the highest spiritual hierarchies and the Holy Trinity.

The different levels of metamorphosis – macro and microcosmic in which we take part, contain some very essential principles:

- The human being is held on earth thanks to the forces of gravity. In him exists the everlasting striving toward light in its different manifestations – sensual-physical, soul and spiritual. The longing to “disolve” into the light is engulfed inside of us, as an inner light work, as a capturing of the light, so that we wouldn’t be burned and engulfed by it externally.

- From the moment this process occurred, in the inner being of men the spiritual-astral forces begin to work in opposition to the forces of gravity that work from without. That is the moment when the two forces go into equilibrium and figuratively give hand to each other. The two realities give birth to a third.

- This third reality is the freedom, which the butterfly experiences in the action of flight: The freedom is born by a constant follow of the light, from out to within, transforming it into a slave and freeing it through the birth of the new light inner being, that takes its course to the outer world.

- This being is the human Ego. The Ego is the fluttering butterfly in the light.

Our I is the great gift, that the human being received from the most high Spiritual Reality. The being of the butterfly is that light creature, which in our earthly world is the light Godly breeze coming to us and carrying in itself the memory, the nucleus of this gift. In it our future is written.

In the next part Lucifer and Ahriman’s roles are examined, respectively that of the luciferic and ahrimanic beings in connection to the humankind. A special accent is made on Lucifer as a bearer of light, as a spiritual being having a leading part, together with the Father and Christ, in the evolution of humanity, and the realization of his tremendous importance for our future. Lucifer “enlightens” the human body, making it fit for the Heavenly light. He gives it life in the conditions of Earth, materializing it and making it visible. If that was not done, man would have had quite a different evolutionary path. In the light of Lucifer the fluttering world of the Heavenly butterflylike Ego is being born, which enters into the human. The name of Jawed has been connected with the image of a convey of butterflies – a spiritual image of the pierced by the light of the Father human I, identic with the Light!

In the last part is examined the topic about the tribes from West and East that came from Atlantis and settled in North and South. The whole Cosmic wisdom, owned by the atlantian initiates was preserved and passed gradually in the consequent cultural epochs in the different mystical centers in the form of myths and their expression in the art and the artwork of some initiated painters from the time of the Renaissance, that still had a vision for the supersensible world. Again the whole of cultural development of the postatlantian humanity can be viewed as two light streams – the one accepting the lightened by the physical light physical world / here Christ appears as a last spiritual-physical expression of this stream / and seeking in this outer light his Gods, and the other stream – as a seeking light in itself and transforming its soul into arena for development / Lucifer is the light-spiritual inner expression of this stream/. The whole evolution of humanity can be found in the cosmic plan.

And the most important key moment for humanity, that defines its whole future – when the outer light of Christ entered the human soul, that was lit up until that moment by the inner luciferic light. The latter will be dimmed by the first and by It man will know Christ in a mystical way in his soul. The historic outer Christ transforms into a mystical Christ. Christ, Lucifer, Yahweh have poured their destiny in the planetary fate of humankind. And in it, no doubt, have stepped and will step the Light and the Love in their vast variety of manifestations. In this light stream and at the same time a stream of love, has been infused also the fate of the butterfly – from the dark fire of the Old Saturn through today’s materialized earthly element expressed in the human body, till the moment, when will once again direct ourselves toward our higher spiritual nature.

At the conclusion of the research the task of the butterfly is examined in correspondence to the whole of the cosmic development, what exactly is the silk? If we really wish to look outside the dilettante materialistic view of the world, we have to look up at the cosmos, at the planets and the spiritual hierarchies, whose light gift to the Earth is the butterfly. The butterfly is an indirect earthly inhabitant – the warmth of the sun and its light connect indirectly its existence with the Earth. The butterfly is not only a light being in the meaning of born in the light-sun ether but it breathes in itself light, its fragile and fine body breathes light.

The light is sacrificed inside the cocoon of the butterfly, so that a silk thread is spun. The butterfly being transforms into a sacrifice, it builds itself into the light. That’s how the silk is born and as Steiner says – it is made of light, the light is built into it, and from what has been said until now we can conclude that the love is built into it as well. The silk becomes a conscious spiritual gift to humanity, because it is a natural butterfly metamorphosis, and we can find its forefathers in the times of primordial creation, that of the primal fire, warmth, light and air – in their primal unity.

We can bravely claim, that the silk is that creation of the butterfly, which is closest to the feeling of the soul for the time “before”, the time in the cosmic womb. On the other hand it is the fine breeze, inside our soul, from times, that we do not know in reality, but carry deep inside ourselves. We have created a mutual primal form with it, and will come together into a spiritual ether form in the future. Touching it, working in sync with its velvet mildness, we create together with all of the cosmic existence, with the light inside it, and because of that with the light inside of us. That which happens, and which can happen in the soul, due to the touch and the sinking in it, is equivalent to a touch, to an experience of our own soul as a part of the soul of the Cosmos. Namely in the sinking and the spreading of the colors on the light-silk like body, in their full freedom, we are closest to these experiences

Conclusion of the resume:
The research “The cosmic-earthly path of the butterfly” is the first part of an idea for a whole examination of the connection of the cosmic-earthly path of the butterfly in correspondence with the human soul. In its second part the research will develop ideas about the path and the future of the human soul, and that, which awaits humanity, described in the myth for Eros and Psyche, introduced by the roman initiate Apuleius into “The Golden donkey”, in some fairy tails from the Grim brothers, Hans Christian Andersen etc. , and how it is depicted by some initiated painters from the Renaissance.

Used literature:
GA 94 Cosmogony. Popular Occultism. The Gospel of St. John. The Theosophy within the Gospel of St. John
GA 101 Myths and Legends. Occult Signs and Symbols
GA 106 Egyptian Myths and Mysteries in Relation to the active Spiritual Forces of the Present
GA 120 The Revelation of Karma
GA 121 The Mission of Individual Volk-Souls in Connection with Germanic-Nordic Mythology
GA 177 The Spiritual Background of the Outer World. The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness.
GA 230 The Human Being as Harmony of the Creative, Up-Building, and Formative World-Word
GA 351 The Human Being and the World. The Influence of the Spirit in Nature. On the Being of Bees.

Thanks to my friend Radoslav for his translation! &__^

The whole research in Bulgarian you can see here:

"Нека никога не те е грижа за лъжите, а търси винаги мира в истината"
антр.лекар д-р Фр.Келер към мен, за мен

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