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 Заглавие: The situation today!
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Anthroposophic situation today!

For those with the eyes to see, for those with the ears to hear, for those with the heart to feel!

by Dorina Vasileva

I will try to be objective and speak with facts. In all cases I’ll be speaking with my heart. That is how I function and I can’t be any different – dry, dogmatic and cold. Indeed, I am proud of the fact that I managed to retain myself and the thing that I carry to this day remained untouched in its essence but truly enriched by the Anthroposophy.

I would like to begin with something, which might seem theatrical to some people but those who know me will feel it – a deep bow before the Spiritual impulse, the charge of which is infused in the whole work, the whole personality, the whole being of Rudolf Steiner.
A deep bow before people, who speak with tears in their eyes nowadays for his legacy as a shining Spiritual ideal, infused, yet misunderstood and unfulfilled by mankind, and his followers in particular, whose main nucleus today is leading the Michaelian dornach office!

Why am I starting this topic? There are lots of reasons. I am starting to question. My first question is: what is the mission of the Anthroposophy in the world today? The second one: what is the mission of our people and our national spirit in the Anthroposophy? Up until recently the last question merely wandered through my thoughts but I hadn’t felt it with my heart.

What is happening with the Anthroposophy in the world today? A lot of things, apparently. A diffusion of initiatives all over the world. Projects for new Waldorf schools, new social-therapeutic communities, under the supreme protection of the fancy dressed dornachian high spiritual leaders. The thing is that the way they are built (done to report results/activity) these initiatives crumble down in a matter of a few months. Every year waldorfian teachers go into retirement but less and less young people take their place. The number of anthroposophic physicians is gradually receding. Conferences are organized on topics such as: How to teach anthroposophy at seminars and universities around the world, in a way that would attract more young people (this speaks of a crisis!). The Dornach society recently chose as a topic of the year the question about its identity in the context of the contemporary world, after many decades of existence. There was a letter of disapproval with demands of some members, which was smothered by the official dornach clique. People are divided between Ahriman and Lucifer, as a 90-year-old anthroposopher from Netherlands told me a while ago, but there is no Christ! Otherwise there are a lot of events. These are the so-called “practical anthroposophical tendencies” – factually entirely external in character, bearing names and with no esoteric purpose.

In order not to be empty worded I will speak with facts and personal experiences with imported anthroposophical initiatives in Bulgaria. The situation isn’t any different. The things imported from abroad bear dead fruits. Facts – after the first Waldorfian seminar with the pains of delivery a kindergarten was born, and years after that a first grade in elementary school… After the seminar on Anthroposophical medicinal pedagogic and social therapy the same thing occurred – 2-3 “anthroposophical” projects, the last of which worth 4000 euro, divided among 6 days of work in small groups with disabled people, 3 days – they recycled plastic bags and “created art” with them, the other three – work with wool. I am not asking questions, I am not judging, just speaking the facts, so you are free to interpret it as you like.

How was this seminar, that I was also a participant of and owe much to it, organized – not in the depths of the anthroposophical lore (luckily I had already been introduced to Anthroposophy), but it gave me the opportunity to realize, to see, to feel all the streams and energies, which pass through the anthroposophic movement outside Bulgaria itself. To see clearly the grotesque that our own AO had become for the last 10 years and in the same moment to realize a very important fact – we in BG have our own way in the anthroposophical ideas, we are different than everything else, which is happening, we bear something else within… And, no, this is no nationalism, these are facts, which I experienced and felt with my whole being.

The swiss-german guild came and arrogantly commented on the nature of the Bulgarians (I will not mention any names!), nobody even tried to understand what was actually happening in Bulgaria, what are the specifics of our life here, what our deep roots and traditions are.They came in order to “saw” the ideas, which they proudly called “anthroposophic”, and after that to report to Dornach – Bulgaria is another country, where we planted the anthroposophic ideas… No, you didn’t, we carry them with ourselves, even our ancestors carried them, we gave part of the impulse of the world (but they play distracted, my fancy dressed friends, with their false desire for brotherhood, equality and freedom). One of my german “friends” told me: if you only new what we are currently doing for Bulgaria! They did nothing! They came and did their work on a completely superficial level (some of them were paid quite handsomely)… There were things that were simply preposterous – and this from the real anthroposophic elite, that came here as messiahs. I helped as a volunteer, we all helped that way, believing in their purity. The moment I saw through it all I immediately left. I didn’t feel deceived, but wiser and I saw the mistakes – mine, that I was sincere and trustful, theirs – they are not the bearers of truth, the legacy of Steiner. I realized it step by step, but with a painfully aching heart.

And so today we can speak about three sorts of Anthroposophy – the one serving Ahriman; the one serving Lucifer; and the one that is supposed to be connected to the real essence of Anthroposophy, which Steiner carried within.

Indeed: you will know them by their deeds! Some of them are the aforementioned characters – they are divided in cold plain smiling dornach and primary leaders, and activists (the likes of which are already forming in the governing body of AOB), the group of the work-worn social therapists and waldorfian teachers…, or the completely detached art-therapists and eurythmists – with thin faces and shining eyes… Nothing personal against their individualities, my concern is with the lie that they are serving.

Let us connect with the real and truthful nucleus of the Anthroposophic entity… This is the most precious seed in my soul! When I think about it I feel it with my whole being and I want to start crying, because it is as if I feel all that bright and gentle whiteness, which the first of us carried in their hearts… I know that somewhere, at some point we were together, there’s no other way that I’d be able to feel all the pain, all that light… Lets warm our hearts with the following words:

"With thoughts that express the essence and the laws of the spiritual being, the call for anthroposophy sounds in the depths of the artistic soul of man. Its artistic forces are summoned. Art receives incentives from everywhere. The anthroposophy unleashes in people’s hearts the warmth, which ignites, when the eyes of the soul rise towards the spiritual world. In the honest devotion to the Devine in the world the religious feeling awakens and in this way the real religion intensifies and strengthens.
Anthroposophy opens its sources and the human will, full of love, can creatively draw from them. Igniting the love of humanity, anthroposophy grows creatively in moral impulses for activity and the practice of real social life.
Anthroposophy sates with the fruitful seeds of the spiritual view of man in nature, turns the ordinary natural history, which is lore for nature, into a real knowledge for it.
In all these ways anthroposophy raises a lot of vital tasks. But they can find their way towards wider circles of the human life only, when their final point is the care for a society. "

"Anthroposophy should be there the people, who search for ways towards spiritual experience in their souls. And if the Anthroposofic society wants make us a part of its task, it should be able to serve these seeking souls. It alone, as a Society, should find the right approach to Anthroposophy.
Anthroposophy can flourish only as a living creature. Because a distinctive feature of it is life itself. That is why it requires the care of the living soul, of the warm human heart."

Key moments for the understanding of the mission of the contemporary Anthroposophy! Key moment for the understanding of the mission of our hot balkan hearts today!

The opportunity to visit and live as a part of European practical initiatives – waldorfian schools and anthroposophic social-therapeutic communities, and especially my three month practice in Germany, adjusted things within me in respect to realism-idealism, ideas-practice, truth-untruth, real things – shadows of things, real human relations – shadows of human relations… It turned out that where there was a human factor as a mediator between the anthroposophic ideas and their practical realization mistakes are always possible, a chain of errors, a change in the “initial intentions”…

What do I mean? I want to link this question to the question, which I often ask myself – “Why after so many years am I still on this road with all of my thoughts, soul and activity?” And gradually one understands that if initially they were driven by curiosity, inquisitiveness, later on this becomes fully conscious.
In his works Rudolf Steiner speaks for particularly the moment, in which a person consciously decides to participate in the activities of the earthly Anthroposophic society, as a moment from which on one is required to have the understanding of the fact that he consciously shares its karma. This is a really important moment, because a person connects his own karma, his karma as representative of his family, his nation, with the karma of a Spiritual earthly society (it is universal and not cantered). In the centre of all the messages, made by Steiner for the karma of the Anthroposophic society, he gives a description and information for three supersensory spiritual events that prepared the earthly incarnation of Anthroposophy in the Spiritual world.

The first event is Michael’s School in the high Solar sphere, where archangel Michael taught the connected with him human souls, hierarchical beings and elementary spirits in the span of nearly three centuries – from the end of the 14th to the end of the 18th century. There a powerful metamorphosis of the ancient mystical wisdoms occurred. This transformed wisdom became the basis of the new Christian mysteries. The force that gives the powerful push for that is the force that originated from the Mystery of Golgotha. It is the mighty spiritual impulse, which is infused in these and the following spiritual processes.

The second event in the cosmic development of the spiritual entity of the Anthroposophy takes place in the close spiritual surrounding of Earth and continues from the end of the 18th to the beginning of the 19th century. The human souls, hierarchical beings and elementary spirits, which up to this moment had been “taught” as “listeners” in Michael’s School once more remake the received ancient cosmic wisdom but this time not solely in the role of “listeners” and “observers”, but in the form of powerful spiritual imaginations, participating in the creation of the cosmic supersensory cult itself. The transformation of ancient mystical wisdom from the School of Michael, received, lived through and remade in the form of spiritual imaginations becomes the fabric of the “new Christianity”, in which basis is the feeding power, coming from the Mystery of Golgotha. Indeed, it is the one that’s in the basis of the spiritual entity of the Anthroposophy, it is and it should remain in the foundation of the earthly Anthroposophic society, in its centre, and in the anthroposofic communities in the different countries.

Is the battle against Ahriman alone enough? Is his total dethronment from all parts of the life of the world and Bulgaria enough? This is only a part of our task! Under the remains of that which we deny, bring down, stigmatise remains something else – the creating new! Which is it actually? How do we connect once more with the real Anthroposophy – first within ourselves, and then in the world where we live? Is this possible nowadays?

Not long ago I was called a “naïve positivist” in the anthroposophic ideas, everything was crumbling, the Anthroposophy was dying, the platonians weren’t willing to incarnate and that was dooming Anthroposophy… I didn’t get offended. On the contrary, I realized I was on the right way. We got to our mission in this wonderful country, with its wonderful natural sights, with people, which are a part of my friends, with my relatives, with my roots…The thing that arranged the picture for me was the meeting in Athens – for long years an elderly anthroposophical couple, passing through conflicts, denials, had followed its mission: here on the Balkans is the impulse, which will raise again Anthroposophy…Not only because Steiner knew it, not only because he spoke for us as tribes, which possessed the gift of foresight, contained for a long time and with a part of this impulse they became a spiritual stream in Anthroposophy itself, but because the facts, which I pointed to you above really told me that something else burns inside us, something much warmer, something much more sacrificial, much more real!

This is the mission of the Bulgarians in Anthroposophy – in their own way, with their hearts and southern souls to build once more the temple of Anthroposophy, within ourselves, within the little human communities…

"Нека никога не те е грижа за лъжите, а търси винаги мира в истината"
антр.лекар д-р Фр.Келер към мен, за мен

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