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The human soul – an esoteric approach towards a fairytale, as told by R. Steiner


The idea for this fairytale’s interpretation arose spontaneously within the Circle of friends to Anthroposophy. I had a couple of modest “steps” in regards to other stories. This interpretation was inspired by my friends from the Wheat regime of the Teacher, which I was following at that moment, by Steiner’s spirit and by the insight that the stories, along with the myths, are the actual spiritual river of mankind’s history. It contains past, present and future in a singularity, as they actually exist in the Spiritual world.


R. Steiner retold this story in a lecture on the 26.12.1908. Its title and origin remain a mystery for me. After I did my research I turned to some translators from German, also anthroposophers. They confirmed that they couldn’t find it in the story folklore of the German-speaking folks. Anyway, even if we get an answer to this question, it will only sate our superficial curiosity for facts. Because, as Steiner says, in the beginning and in the end of a story: “This happened once upon a time. Where did it happen? Indeed, where did it not happen?”, and in the end “They lived very, very long. We haven’t heard of their death or disappearance, therefore they are probably still alive.”

In regards to the supranationality of fairytales Steiner also says:

“Such fairy tales are the experiences of certain individuals among people who are in the intermediate state of consciousness. The great popular myths of the gods are also representations of everything the initiates experience on the astral and higher planes. Fairy tales stand in relation to the great popular myths of the gods in the following manner: The myths can be understood when we realize the huge comprehensive circumstances of the cosmos underlying them, and fairy tales can be understood when we realize that the different happenings and pictures are nothing but the repetition of astral events. In far remote times everyone had astral experiences. They became fewer and fewer. One person told them to another, the other took them up, and so the fairy tales were carried from place to place. They appeared in the most varied languages, and we can note the similarity of the fairy tale treasures the whole world over, when we unveil the astral events that serve as their basis.”

GA -108 The Poetry and Meaning of Fairy Tales

“Once upon a time it happened — where then was it? where indeed was it not? — there was a king who was so beloved of his people that he was always hearing them wish that he would take a wife as good and noble as himself. It was difficult for him to find anyone suitable for him and for his people. Now he had an old friend, a poor forester, who lived simply and contentedly in the forest and who was very wise. He might very easily have been rich, for the king would willingly have given him everything, but the forester wished to remain poor and retain his wisdom. So the king now went to his friend the forester and asked his advice. The latter gave him a branch of rosemary, saying: “Take care of this; the maiden before whom it bends is the maiden you ought to marry.” So the very next day the king had a number of damsels brought before him. He had pearls spread out before them, and every girl's name was written on the table in pearls; then he made it known that the maiden before whom the branch bent should be his bride; the others would have only the pearls. So he went around with the branch of rosemary, but it did not move; it bent before no one. The girls were given their pearls and went away. The second day the same thing was arranged, and again the same thing happened, and likewise on the third day. The next night, while the king slept, he heard something tapping on the window. It proved to be a little golden bird; it said to him: “You do not know it, but twice you have done me a great service; I will also do you a service. As soon as day breaks, get up, take your branch of rosemary and follow me. I will lead you to a place where you will find a horse; it has a silver arrow piercing its body; you must pull it out, and the horse will lead you to where you will find your bride.”
The next morning the king went out and followed the little golden bird until they came to a horse that was very weak and ill and that said: “A witch has shot an arrow into my body!” The king pulled out the arrow and at that moment the weak animal was changed into a wonderfully swift horse. The king mounted it, the golden bird flew on in front, and the rosemary branch waved ahead of the king on his magic horse. At last they reached a castle made of glass. Long before they reached it, they heard a buzzing and a buzzing and a buzzing, and when the king entered with the branch of rosemary and the little golden bird, he saw another king standing there, fashioned entirely of glass, and in the stomach of the glass king was an enormous bluebottle fly; it was this bluebottle fly that made the buzzing, and it was trying to work its way out. The king asked the glass king what it all meant. “Well,” said the latter, “just look towards the sofa: there sits my queen in a pink silk gown, and the secret of it all you will soon discover. The web that has been spun around the queen has just been torn away by a thornbird and will soon be quite torn off her. Then there will come a wicked spider to spin a new web around the queen, and while I am bewitched here in a glass body, my wife will be enmeshed by the spider's web. We have already been imprisoned like this for several hundred years and must remain here until we are released.” Presently the wicked spider appeared and spun her web around the queen, but while the spider was at work the magic horse stepped up and wanted to kill the spider. He was just about to put his hoof on her, when the buzzing bluebottle fly, which had worked its way out, came to the help of the spider, but the magic horse killed them both. Then instantly the glass king was turned into a quite human king. The thornbird was changed into a charming waiting-maid, the queen was freed from the cobweb, and the glass king related how it had all come about:

As soon as he became king he had had to suffer from the persecutions of a wicked witch who lived in a forest on the edge of his domain. The witch wanted him to marry her daughter, but as he had already chosen a wife from a neighboring fairy castle, the witch swore to be revenged on him; she changed him into a glass king and her daughter into a bluebottle fly, who gnawed at his stomach. The queen was tormented by the witch, who changed herself into a wicked spider and spun a cobweb around the queen; the maid was changed into a thornbird, and the king's horse was shot by the witch, whose arrow remained in its body. Now everything had been set right through the horse being freed and able to free the others.

Then the king asked the former glass king if he knew where he could find a suitable wife. The latter showed him the way to the neighboring fairy castle. The little golden bird flew on in front and when they came to the castle they found a lily. The branch of rosemary led them straight to it and bent before the lily, and at the same moment the lily was changed into a wonderfully beautiful maiden who had also been bewitched, for the queen of the neighboring castle was her sister. Now she was released, because of what had just taken place. The king took her back to his home, the wedding was celebrated, and they lived in great happiness, they themselves and all their people. They lived for a long, long time. No one knows how long, but if they have not died, they must still be alive today.””

GA-108 The Poetry and Meaning of Fairy Tales

* * *

In the very beginning the fairytale introduces us to the sphere of the supreme virtues, based on which a king is chosen by the people. He is chosen by the will of the population. These virtues are important to it. We know that each folk has its own archangel in the Spiritual warforces. This archangel’s support is based on the will of the people. The king gets support by the people and its archangel because of his qualities and tasks.
Let’s try and envision a picture of a higher order. This would unravel before us the visage of the Human spirit, gifted with the wonderful gifts of the divine virtues. Incarnated on Earth, it has received its home – the human body. The human spirit manifests itself through an individuality that has managed its passions, its sympathies or antipathies. Yes, this is an individuality, which is on the way of spiritual improvement. This is the path of the Spiritual pupilage. It searches for its soulmate, that inspired Human soul, with which to merge into a singularity, and which owns these same virtues – goodness and nobility, containment and purity.

We can observe processes of the highest of nature in this oncoming Path. They have taken place in the whole some cosmically-spiritual evolution of mankind /represented by the Spiritual science /and are supported by the highest of Spiritual entities. In this evolutionary way a part of the Spiritual entities have voluntarily sacrificed themselves, so that it can be completed, in agreement with God’s plan. The strive for the male-female to find each other and merge, by overcoming of series of challenges is a symbol of the concentrated by the terra-spatial and temporal point of view, living reality of the Spirit. This represents the eternal meeting point between the Spirit and the Soul.

The Human spirit does not wander alone on the path of its pupilage. It has its own “teacher” here on Earth. In the story this is the wise, humble and pure hearted hermit, who lives alone in the forest. Far from the vain human world, he plays as the only “friend” of the Human spirit in a difficult situation. As it says in the story: “It wasn’t easy for him /the king/ to find someone, for whom he could believe to be, as his people would want him to be.” He trusted only his friend. It is no accident that the accent falls on the difficulty to find similar to those virtues. It was, it is and it will be – let’s not forget! And despite the fact that we have a fairytale before us, created thousands of years ago, unknown where by the folklore genius, it continues to sound loud and true to this day!

The hermit /teacher and friend/ is the individuality, which connects the Spirit with the earthborn humanity. He is the living spiritual bridge between the Spirit and the human beings. Teacher and Initiate who in his solitude radiates the Spirit in a peaceful and wise manner. We could go even farther in our taste for this character. This is the karma that passes through the teachers of this rank, and weaves like a thread the human life from an incarnation to the second. Because it is this meeting in particular that gives a push to our terrestrial king for his next steps on the Path.

The king receives rosemary from his friend. The name “rosemary” means “sea dew”, “sea rose”, “Mary’s rose”… The ancient Greek myths tell that Zeus was eating rosemary honey. Rosemary is used for decoration and consecration of altars, temples and sacred places of gods and goddesses. Later on it was considered to be the flower of the Virgin Mary and her purity. She covered a white-blooming bush with her blue robe and they turned to a gentle blue. In the Old Testament rosemary is cited as one of the “fragrant Lebanese plants”. It had been used as a spice and medicine. It was an important component in magical incantations and formulae, due to its consecrating and protective properties. It brings clarity and concentration of thought, as well as a good memory.

A legend speaks of rosemary growing near Aphrodite, when she emerged, born by the sea foam and stepped on dry land. In this way we can say that one of the most controversial goddesses of the Antiquity has found a way in the fairytale. In a different fairytale for example /the brothers Grimm “The frog king or iron Heinrich”/, Venus appears incognito again through her tree “the old lime”. It is hanging over an old and swamped well, in which lives an ugly frog king. It is in this well where the young princess drops her golden ball. The sorceress that had enchanted the frog is actually the “grounded” Venus, who can be vengeful, wrathful, an instigator and seducer, but also a source of the high and transforming love…She is the ever-changing, but also provoking origin of the human development. This is how we see her in the myth of Eros and Psychea. She is Eros’ angry mother envious of Psychea, for the love of mankind. In the end of our interpretation we’ll see the deep meaning of her involvement.

We could go even further in our reasoning. Who is actually Venus? Let’s look beyond the many myths about her. The ancient initiates turned towards her, seeing her as the planet Venus /Phosphorus/ - “bringer of light”. Even in these days the nocturnal rising Venus and the morning Venus were seen by the ancients as Spiritual entities with different attitudes. They were linked to different forces. From an occult point of view Lucifer / or rather the luciferian entities, which have taken their place in the astral body of man from the time of the Old Moon/ is also a “bringer of light”. They ancients were addressing him by turning towards the rising Venus.

“Lucifer has lived in us for as long as Jehovah… Thus three principles are inseparable from and essential to man's evolution — Jehovah, Lucifer, Christ”
GA-94 Esoteric Cosmology

But who is actually Lucifer? Judging by the words of Steiner, we get the feeling that this is not just a “different” group of Spiritual entities, which act in accord with the Father and Christ, but the Holy Spirit himself!!! There is no one else that could stand so close to the Father and His Son! The transforming challenges on Lucifer’s part turn out to be the regular challenges of the Holy Spirit /Aphrodite-Venus/. The initiated artist of the Renaissance often picture the Holy Spirit either in the form of a dove, surrounded by light /again an attribute of Venus/, or just in the form of radiant light coming from the heavens /the image of the rising inthe sky Venus/. An interesting point of view! It is definitely not without a basis, having in mind the central place that it takes in the coming ages the rescued by mankind Lucifer. Lucifer has a fundamental place on the road of the acceptance of the Christian impulse in the souls of men, from the time of Golgotha, when Christ appeared in a physical body, until his Second coming – in an ethereal body.

This makes Lucifer/ The Holy Spirit, Venus/ a constant connection and a bridge between mankind, God - the Father and His Son - Christ. Robert Powel has an important clarification for Venus as an entity, which the ancient initiated was identical to Phosphorus-Lucifer, in his "Hermetic astrology". It is thanks to her /Spiritual beings that are in a constant communication with mankind/, that the transition from one culture age to the next one takes place. Mankind gets inspired for these changes a long time before the actual turn of the astrological age. Indeed it is the entities of Venus /Holy Spirit, Lucifer/ that inspire each newborn culture. This is one great wisdom!

And so we have the image of Venus /Lucifer, Holy Spirit/woven in through the symbol of rosemary. Here it plays the role of a supreme instrument of the spiritual recognition and lore. It separates truth from untruth. Of course Aphrodite-Venus is a collective image, made up in the ancient greeks and romans, which is a synthesis of a multitude of high Spiritual entities, that acted in different periods of the cosmic-terrestrial evolution. Rosemary belongs to the tonality of the earthly enchanted spiritual mediators. It is connected to man's memory, in which the eternal battle between Good and Evil takes place. This battle is the primary moving force in the evolutionary development of the whole humanity.

* * *

In a dreamlike state between wake and sleep, the king gets visited from a direct messenger of the Spiritual world. This is the golden bird /similarly to a golden ball, golden apple in other fairytales - they are direct representations of the Spiritual world within the earthly world/. The Golden bird is a direct link, which mentors the Human spirit henceforth. The Golden bird leads the king. This is the Providence, which the king receives as a spiritual gift in the moment of falling asleep. The Bird is the messenger of the Spiritual world. It connects the two worlds. Both the rosemary and the bird are in the tonality of the Spiritual world. The Bird directly manifests the Spirit into matter, and the rosemary is an indirect earthly mediator between the two worlds. It is an enchanted flower, which recognizes the truth and helps for its differentiation from untruth.
There is a very important moment in this part of the plot:
“The second day the same thing was arranged, and again the same thing happened, and likewise on the third day. The next night, while the king slept, he heard something tapping on the window. It proved to be a little golden bird; it said to him: “You do not know it, but twice you have done me a great service; I will also do you a service.”
GA-108 The Poetry and Meaning of Fairy Tales

The king /the Human spirit/ has accomplished something important in favor of the Spiritual world, without realizing it. This has happened twice up to this moment.

While pondering on these words, I came up with a couple of ideas. The first was that this fairytale is a follow-up of a different one, and the first one focuses on the two "favors", which the Human spirit did in favor of the Spiritual world. This version seemed pretty implausible though. Then I thought that there was probably something missing in the story.
I took upon a third alternative. There are two moments in which the king follows "blindly" the advice coming from the Spiritual world. In these two moments he is still clueless for Him, and uses wisdom just intuitively. The first time is one he visits his hermit friend and trusts him entirely with his problem. This is a step aside from the vain world of mankind and a turn towards the world of spiritual wisdom. The second is when he trusts the enchanted rosemary three times.

Actually, both times the king /the Human spirit/ has the freedom to express his will and to follow the direction he chooses to. It is here that the internal turnabout of the character takes place. His individual earthly Self gives way to the wise choice to trust the Spiritual world. He is still acting "blindly" and "unconsciously". The bird reveals to him what really happened. It tells him: "- You are unaware..., but now you are aware...". In this way it raises the individual to a higher level, to the level of the conscious, deliberate and followed connection with the Spiritual world. This is what happened really and these are the words of the Golden bird. From this point on we enter the world of the living spiritual realms.

* * *

“The king pulled out the arrow and at that moment the weak animal was changed into a wonderfully swift horse. The king mounted it, the golden bird flew on in front, and the rosemary branch waved ahead of the king on his magic horse.”
GA-108 The Poetry and Meaning of Fairy Tales

The horse belongs to the forces that are passionate, brave, bursting, flying... The steed is the infinite, free human thought, wounded by an evil sorceress. Only the human can save it. Only the king /the Human spirit/ can save the thought. Only he can set it free and inspire it by the Spiritual world in his wisdom and beauty. To get to that, though we need the pain and the suffering! The pain is totally expected. In that moment the rosemary gives a sign that this is true! Just like a high arbiter, who on one hand sanctifies the event taking place, and on the other - differentiates truth from untruth, it follows the Human spirit everywhere!

The moment in which the king, riding his enchanted steed, with a rosemary in one hand andthe lead of the Golden bird, reaches the glass palace, with its glass king and the cocooned in spider web queen, is key and emblematic. This is where everything converges - Good and Evil, Truth and Untruth. This is a summit of all the forces, which focus in a particular moment, in which the karmic circle of the king /Human spirit, mankind!/ can be untied...

Let's take a look forward in time! We have the glass palace and the glass king before us... Today we have the extra-avant-garde glass buildings of the contemporary Ahriman, in all of his variations! Glass is a fragile material, transparent, slippery, cold, non-living, frozen. It can be used to look through but without touching, without a living contact. Only the words remain, the Word, which can still be spoken because everything else is dead. There's a strikingly strong analogy that can be made with Andersen's fairytale "The Snow Queen". It sounds like a follow-up to the one Steiner tells. The diabolic mirror, which shattersin countless pieces. They reach every corner of Earth. Every shard, even the tiniest, which gets into a human's eye or heart changes the person. They become cold, rude and cruel. The human becomes non-living, frozen.

The king is physically frozen and eaten from the inside. He is separated from his queen, his soul. But the queen, this king's Soul is not made of glass!!! There is a life and FUTURE within her, despite her own mistakes!

The fly and the spider belong to the same tonality. Along with the silver arrow, they are attributes of the vile sorceress. The fly eats the king's stomach, the spider weaves its web around the queen, the arrow has wounded the steed. On one side we have the attributes of truth with the rosemary, the golden bird and attributes of untruth. We have the image of the hermit and the sorceress. Truth is achieved through untruth in pain and suffering.

The human soul can be liberated only through the human thought /the enchanted steed/. Power of thought is magical. The enchanted horse becomes a part of the spiritual tonality of the rosemary and the golden bird.

The solar plexus is located in the stomach, one of the very important chakras in the ethereal human body, especially in our world. This is the point through which the ahrimanic entities enter our ethereal body. It is the focus of the forces that eat us from within today. If some sort of a "blockage" forms there, the energy stop circulating upwards. The human being stops developing itself and becomes unreachable for the higher energies, which support the development of the other "soul organs". This is how Steiner calls the chakras in the in the ethereal network, which is an unstoppable ethereal stream, that has merged with the human body. From there the ethereal body gets blocked. It becomes deaf and blind to anything else. The aim of these forces is exactly this - to strike at our conscious opening for the spiritual world.

Here is what Steiner says in "How to Know Higher Worlds":

Rays of soul-warmth issue from every manifestation of growth and development, while everything in the process of decay, destruction, ruin, gives an impression of cold.

The organ in the vicinity of the larynx has sixteen petals or spokes; the one in the region of the heart twelve, and the one in the pit of the stomach ten.

It must be clearly understood that the perceptions of each single organ of soul or sprit bear a different character. The twelve and sixteen-petalled lotus flowers transmit quite different perceptions. The latter perceives forms. The thoughts and mentality of other beings and the laws governing natural phenomena become manifest, through the sixteen-petalled lotus, as figures, not rigid motionless figures but mobile forms filled with life.

Quite different perceptions are received through the twelve-petalled lotus. These perceptions may, in a sense, be likened to warmth and cold, as applied to the soul. A clairvoyant equipped with this faculty feels this warmth and cold streaming out from the forms discerned by the sixteen-petalled lotus.

An inner training of a particularly intimate character is necessary for the development of the ten-petalled lotus flower, for it is now a question of learning consciously to control and dominate the sense-impressions themselves.

This is of particular importance in the initial stages of clairvoyance, for it is only by this means that a source of countless illusions and fancies is avoided.

If this strict self-discipline be accompanied by meditation as prescribed in esoteric training, the lotus flower in the region of the pit of the stomach comes to maturity in the right way, and light and color of a spiritual kind are now added to the form and warmth perceptible to the organs described above. The talents and faculties of other beings are thereby revealed, also the forces and the hidden attributes of nature. The colored aura of living creatures then becomes visible; all that is around us manifests its spiritual attributes.

* * *

Let's take a look at the queen and the spider, which constantly weaves its web around her, surrounding her with a living fence... Doesn't this remind us of the myth for the daughter of the lidian king Idmon - Arachna, told by Ovid in his “Metamorphoses”?!

Arachna was so good in the art of waving that she wanted to have a contest with Athena Pallada herself. Athena, dressed as an elderly woman, advised her to try to best only the mortals, and not the gods. The young woman behaved unruly and proudly. She lost the contest. Engulfed by shame and grief she decided to end her life. Athena felt pity for her and transformed her into a spider, so that she could eternally spin her web.

This is the punishment that the human soul bears, because of its arrogance, pride and disobedience. The all too reasonable warning of Athena is also a warning for mankind today. The human soul is the youngest part of our being. And despite its “youth” isn’t it a bit too arrogant, proud and overconfident in its freedom and independence from the Spiritual world – to the point of its total ultimate rejection and repression. In one of the versions Arachna depicted an orgy atop mount Olympus and said: “This is an example of the life of the gods”, and in turn Athena depicted the falling Icarus, with his melted wings, saying “And this is an example of men’s arrogance.”

But how can we observe today the things taking place in the human soul? It is depicted in the fairytale as a process. We have the Perceiving Soul, the Reasoning soul and the Conscious soul, shown in three bright visions.

The solar plexus is before us. Its physical organ is the stomach and the fly eating it. This is the ethereal entrance to the perceptual world. Through this soul organ humans learn how the perceptual world can be filtered, so that it doesn’t drown them in all of its filth. This is the ethereal center of the perceptual human soul.

Before us we have the queen, entangled in the living fence and the web of her own unruliness, arrogance and pride. Doesn’t the reasoning soul weave in a similar manner, arrogantly and vainly the labyrinths of its thoughts?! Doesn’t logic of the human thinking reach to the absurdity of overrating, repeating and praising itself – especially in the spheres of modern scientific thought?!

There it is, the conscious soul – the clear thought, brought by the magical winged emissary of the Spiritual world /the steed/, which releases the king, releases the queen and breaks the centuries old spell. It is thanks to it that the karmic knot gets unwoven in the story. This is also the karmic knot of the whole humanity. It is between mankind and the Spiritual world!

Now everything had been set right through the horse being freed and able to free the others.

* * *

At the final of our fairytale, the king /the Human spirit/ finds the one, worthy to stand beside him and lead his people /mankind/. He finds the pure Human soul. In the world of the Spirit the lily, before which the rosemary bowed, means literally “angel”. The lily is a symbol, which we can find in lots of works of the Renaissance. It can be seen in the hand of Saint Mary or in the grasp of other pure and innocent creatures. It is a symbol of the virgin soul and physical purity, of the beauty, of the tenderness and the pure trust. These are the virtues that are signature only to the Spirit in its crystal whiteness. One flower bows before another, one envoy of the Spiritual world bows before the entity of the Spirit – Truth is triumphant!

We have two sets of characters. On one hand we have the enchanted king and queen /they have already taken some part of their development/, on the other – the king looking for his queen. His queen is the human soul, which is still in the Spirit. She can be released only through the “recognition” of the earthly envoy of the Spiritual world – the rosemary, behind which is Venus.

In what other ways can this voyage be interpreted? The human spirit finds its soul by “meeting” both with itself and with her, but on different stages of its development. These two couples are the image of the spiraling internal development of the human individuality on one hand, and on the other they are a road, destined for the whole humanity. We can picture this development as a spiraling voyage, in which the human mind ascends and consciously rediscovers the Spiritual world…

Let’s go back to Venus /Lucifer, The Holy Spirit/! As we mentioned, Venus plays a part as an invisible force, which manifests at first through the rosemary. Thanks to it she leads the Human spirit on its quest to recognize what is true, and what is not. Then again Venus manifests in a different image. This is the sorceress. Yes, she is the force, which “instigated” beforehand the reasons for all the following events. This is where Venus’ duality shines before us. On one hand she is a marvelous goddess, with a high standing in the pantheon of deities. On the other she is the “earthly” goddess, which in her wrath can feel absolutely earthly feelings, to give in to the impulses of her dark astral nature.

This is where we can observe her third, supreme, occult nature. Venus - the sorceress , with all of her previous acts, becomes the reason for the king’s journey. Her silver arrow, which reminds us of the piercing shots of her son Eros, pierces the human thought /the steed/. According to a different version Eros is not a son of Venus, but was born from the primal Chaos, which is to say that his arrow is nothing but the sharpness of the supreme divine energy, which leads the events.

And so the winged human thought is just wounded and enfeebled. The fact that the arrow is made of silver, shows that it is of noble and high origin. Meanwhile in the image of the rosemary, Venus continues to silently and invisibly, yet justly to guide the events that she herself has provoked. Isn’t this a proof of R. Powel’s words? Don’t we have a unified action, reaction and an integrity of the forces of the Spirit, which create the appropriate challenges specifically to be passed by the Human spirit, so that it can pass to a new and higher form of its development?! Within the Spirit the sorceress and the hermit-initiated are equally to be considered as mentors of the Human soul. They are conductors of the unified energy of the Holy spirit.

The truth for mankind, for the long millennial voyage, which the human soul will walk, is a truth, which radiates from fairytales, stories and myths. They tell us everything about the world that was, that is and that will be! It is one with the Spiritual world, the Cosmos and our terrestrial human world!


"Нека никога не те е грижа за лъжите, а търси винаги мира в истината"
антр.лекар д-р Фр.Келер към мен, за мен

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